Living in Phoenix

Phoenix is a wonderful place to live. Living in Phoenix gives you the opportunity to enjoy both the best of both worlds when it comes to the weather.

During the summer the temperatureas are a bit high in Phoenix but with a 2 hour drive, you could find your self in a much cooler environment due to the high elevation in places like Flagstaff, Sedona and others.

In the winter the weather in Phoenix is just perfect, not too cold and not hot. If you want to do any winter sports, again with a 2 hour drive you will be in the snow. When you get tired of the snow, you can drive back to a beautiful weather, where you can enjoy walks or barbecue in the backyard.

Moving here from the East Coast, one of the things I really enjoy here in Phoenix is the openness and space available. The streets are wider and whole city is spread out with not much vertical expansion.

Living in Phoenix offers you a variety of things and activities to do, whether Shopping, Golfing, Spa Treatments and Relaxation is your thing, you will find it here.


Golfing is so big here because of the weather and there are so many golf communities here where the homes back up to a golf course.

This allows you to play golf without having to travel far. There are also golf clubs where you play golf with friends all over the city.

For those who are retired from working and want to just enjoy life and do not want to be bothered by city life, there are senior golf communitieswith almost all the amenities you will need.



Due to the fact that Phoenix is a valley and is surrounded by mountains, hiking is a popular thing here, you can have access to hiking just about everywhere in the valley.

Living in Phoenix offers you the ability to hike in your own backyard, there are communities built with homes very close to hiking trails.

There are some hiking trails perfect for beginners like Slide Rock State Park and Boyce Thompson Arboretum State Park.

For the hiking enthusiast, you have Kartchner Caverns State Park or the Red Rock State park.



From the high end shops and designers like Barneys New York, Cartier, Burberry and others to the most affordable shopping like Target, Dillards among others, you can find almost everything you want, all within the city.

You don’t have to travel to New York, Paris or London to do your high end shopping, you can find a whole lot right here in this city.


Food and Restaurants

From the health- conscious person to the one who just wants to enjoy a good meal, you find many grocery stores like Trader Joe’s, Whole foods, AJ’s fine foods.

Living in Phoenix gives you access to wonderful restaurants all the way from Scottsdale to Phoenix with a variety of dishes and menu and with choices of  elegant to fun atmosphere.


Family and Single Life

The city has many sites and events for everyone from family oriented events, single and night life.

There are fairs, sports like the Phoenix Suns basketball team, the Cardinals for football and college sports.

Phoenix also has Places of interest tailored to History, Science and Wildlife among other interests.


Living in Phoenix is for every one

Life in Phoenix is not slow and not so fast, just perfect. Downtown Phoenix may be fast and crowded just like any big city  but you get to come home to the communities built to offer the suburban, residential, relaxing and fun life.

Really, living in Phoenix is fun and you get to meet people from all over the world here.

If you are looking to relocate to Phoenix, you can request a free relocation guide to Phoenix Arizona and find more about what living in Phoenix is about and some important things to know about living in Phoenix