The average price of homes in Phoenix increased to $151.81 per square foot in the month of February 2017.
This is a significant increase, about 135% increase, from the average sales price of $64.53 per sq. ft in March 2009, which was the lowest average price per sq. ft during the housing crisis.
Our highest monthly average price per square foot sold in the city of Phoenix was in May 2007 at $185.44 recorded since 2001.

Average Price per sq ft for homes sold in Phoenix since 2001



How are Phoenix home prices looking like in March 2017?

Phoenix home prices seem to be doing much better in March compared to January this year, when looking at at the average price per sq. ft. homes are selling for. The end of the year always look better then  the beginning of the year and prices always seem to rise again as the year goes on.


Weekly Chart for Monthly Average Price per sq ft for city of Phoenix in AZ


The above charts show only the average price per square foot for homes sold only in the City of Phoenix, not the Phoenix metro area, if you would like to receive the chart for a specific city or area, please send your request below.


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