12 real estate transaction priced over a $ 1 million were completed during the month of April in the city of Phoenix with the highest sale going for $2,000,000 and the lowest at $1,250,000. During the same month in 2013, there were 14 transactions.

Phoenix luxury condos

Phoenix luxury condos

Selling at an average of 91% of the originally asking, all twelve homes were sold after being on the market for an average of 119 days compared to 93% and an average of 130 days on the market in April 2013.


The most expensive Phoenix home over a $1,000,000 in April 2014

The most expensive Phoenix luxury home that sold was $6,599 sq. ft in size. This was a unit in Esplanade, a high rise condominium in Phoenix. The Esplanade is located on Camelback and 24th Street, in center of Phoenix. With views of the city, this condominium also offers roof top swimming, barbecue, sitting area and more.

The unit had 3 bedrooms, a den and 3 and 1/3 bathrooms including furniture and furnishings.



The lowest Phoenix luxury home over a $1,000,000 in April 2014

The lowest priced home was a single story home in Arcadia with 3,725 sq. ft of living space. With 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, this Phoenix luxury home sold at $275.16 per sq. ft after 114 days on the market.

This gated home had a private pool and a 3 car garage. The home had a few upgrades in the kitchen and some areas.



Phoenix luxury home buyers are paying more for less homes this year than they did in 2013 because the average price per sq. ft homes priced over a $1,000,000 was $301.50 per sq. ft in April 2014 compared to $287.92 in April 2013.